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Manufacturing of High Performance Technical Ceramics

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Manufacturing of High Performance Technical Ceramics

Advanced Ceramic Products

Wide range of advanced ceramic products made from Zirconia and Alumina that are commonly used in various industries.

Commitment to Quality

We at Anoop Cermaics are committed toward quality. We ensure all products bought by our customers meet high standards of quality.

Custom Manufacturing Services

At Anoop Ceramics, we have custom manufacturing services and implement the best practices of ceramic manufacturing.



Advanced technical ceramic components find application in a number of industries, some of them being sealing technology, pumps, wire-drawing, battery/ cell manufacturing, sand-blasting, chemical, electronics, textile, automotive, etc.

Applications Include:

Seal rings

Marine pump seals


High temperature electrical insulators

High voltage insulators

Protection tubes in thermal processes

Insulating rings in thermal processes

Electronic substrates

Laboratory sample holders

Rollers and guides for metal tube forming

Tools for wire forming/ drawing

Thread and wire guides

Grinding media

Electronic resistor cores

Furnace liner tubes

Regulator discs

Catalyst carriers

Gas laser tubes

Wear pads

Heat sinks in lighting systems

Hot metal extrusion dies




Dies and Nozzleso.

Plungers with metal assembly

Roller assemblies


Anoop Ceramics, located in Bengaluru, India is a manufacturer and international supplier of advanced technical ceramic products since 1990.

The Company has developed a wide range of ceramic products that are used in various industries. In addition to supply of standard engineering ceramic products, Anoop Ceramics is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and technical expertise to develop and supply ceramic components as per customer design and specifications.

Our high performance engineering products made from ceramic materials like Alumina, Zirconia, Silicon Carbide, among others finds wide application in various industries that requires high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, electrical insulation or mechanical strength.


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