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Ceramic Thread Guides

The polymer fiber production process uses ceramic melt spinning components such as spinners and jet plates. Ceramic threads are used in textile machinery and manufacturing plants to change the direction of, twist, and control textile yarns' tension to create clothes. Polymer fibers are produced using the process of polymer spinning. There are four types of polymer spinning—wet, dry, gel spinning, and melt spinning. Through melt spinning, polymers transform and diversify into other fabrics such as nylon, olefin, and polyester.

 Zirconia and Alumina exhibit hardness, abrasion, and resistance to corrosion and corruption making them ideal for Anoop Ceramics' products, especially for the textile thread guides. Anoop Ceramics manufactures its thread guides in a variety of shapes, sizes, and surface finishes. They respond to diverse needs and plant performance.

Why choose our thread guides for your industry ?

Anoop's thread guides sketch out the future of technology and quality in the yarn manufacturing industry. The occurrence of thermodynamics, friction, and static interactions during production have created a demand for ceramic products with high surface qualities to avoid them, which we supply. Our thread guides' surfaces remain sensitive to and aware of fibers and yarns, allowing the spinning and guiding to be seamless and friction-free. We pay special attention to yarn cleanliness, low yarn tension, and ensuring the lowest possible breakage rates of the yarn used. They fit into various applications and fulfill diverse needs.

Thread guides ensure the long lifecycle of unique yarns and raw materials. Anoop Ceramics anticipates the needs of them and manufactures all products accordingly.

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