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Ceramic Igniters

Ceramic igniters are used in hot surface ignition systems. Durable and heat-resistant ceramic igniters set the industry standard in heating systems that utilize gas or electricity. Their ability to rapidly heat ensures dependable performance and a long lifecycle. They are usually used in ovens, kitchen ranges, dryers, and many more applications.

There are three styles of ceramic igniters, diverse in their ranges of style, durability, and ignition temperatures. Their properties include low porosity, a high operating temperature, and corrosion resistance. They are usually made from Aluminium Oxide. These materials help the igniter perform perfectly in an array of operating conditions, including extreme heat.

Anoop Ceramics' igniters primarily utilize alumina wires as heat sources, which are incredibly compatible with silicon nitride and carbide. Our use of the two metals helps us meet and surpass industry standards when it comes to the igniters. The igniter can overcome all drawbacks of its electric plug due to the use of silicon nitride as the heating substrate material. It can easily be made into the proper shape to meet the requirements of customers; it has a long lifecycle and takes very little time to warm up. It can tolerate high temperatures reasonably easily. Our igniters can also serve as an alternative to the spark igniters than power gas pilot systems. 

Our igniters also avoid problems such as surface discharge. We assure our customers a long lifecycle and a multipurpose product, which can fit into a variety of applications and meet diverse needs.

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